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Frank Bongiovanni-
Liability you say? Following the Juniper issue (*), an acquaintance
from the old Norfolk Southern was awarded a seven - figure sum --
for a broken ankle.

Safety ? NKP 765 was being deadheaded Cleveland to East Wayne.
Westbound the "CD double", meaning the double track through
Cleveland, ends at Kishmans. The dispatcher elected to hold Extra
NKP 765 West at "KM" rather than delay N&W's TOFC flyer, Apollo-2.
The head-end crew (and visitors) missed the distant signal, rounded
the curve to find a "stop", entered single track , and came to rest
on single track gazing at AP-2's headlight. The Road Foreman ? He
was back in the coaches sipping coffee. He went back on his

Public relations ? A Midwest organization sponsored one of the
excursions. One of their coaches was to be included in the
consist. The Mechanical Department had impressed on the
local chapter that the car had to have an up-to-date COT&S
(Clean, Oil, Test & Stencil), be mechanically fit, and pass
the initial terminal brake test. Train time came, apparently
the "air" man had made the stencil in-date, but the car failed on
the brake test. That excursion was canceled on the spot. Guess
who got the black eye ?

I've always counted those twenty-some years of SOU/N&W/NS
steam excursions as a blessing and I've never forgotten all
those railroad supervisors that gave up Sunday golf to pacify
the fans. Kudos, also, to all those NRHS chapters that did
the logistics. I think Mr. Goode saw the hand-writing on the wall.

Harry Bundy

(*) NOTE: I have used the latest "buzz-word" created by the
"spin" doctors at CSX. Their freight trains don't have
derailments. They have issues, or at least that's what
they're reporting to the public. Following a recent
upset at Selma, NC, CSX noted that Amtrak trains were
being detoured because of a freight train issue at Selma.

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