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Bridge numbers were smallish lettering about 4" high that was stenciled in
white on a black background on the approach abundment on both ends of the
bridge. This could be read by a railcar or high-railer or engineer. The
placement was not for reading by a road-bound person. These numbers were
for railroad MoW personnel. Lots of these numbers have faded or worn away
to illegibility.

In earlier years the bridge number could be on a small board, like a small
whistle post, again placed at the approach abundment.

As to signals, 4759 is a siding signal number which may be gone due to
track alterations over the years. If the signal was replaced with a new
style, it is likely that the numbers were not replaced. Signals are
numbered in two ways, distant or approach signals are numbered by milepost
and miles to the tenth of a mile (e/b and w/b being a tenth different) and
numbers in a sequence for sidings.

A recent track schematic, available from the Archives, would be a better map
for you to use.

Gary Rolih



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First, let me thank everyone who provided answers and information relative
to my questions. They were most helpful.

I am getting geared up for a whirl-wind trip over Labor Day, and I have two
quick questions:

1. With regard to bridge numbers, are they visible from the road they might
pass over. For example, I will be looking for bridge 322 in Seven Mile
Ford. I have found the most likley places where the N&W passes over roads
in the area by using Delorme's Topo USA, but will the bridge number be
visible from the roads?

2. I will also be looking for the site (west of Williamson, WV heading for
Kermit) where the "Second Pigeon" is passing signal number 4759 - are the
signals still numbered, and would the numbers be the same?

Thanks for your input. I will be running all over Virginia and West
Virginia over the weekend, so it you see some crazy person taking
photographs - it just might be me!

John C. Abbott
Wheaton, MD.

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