Fatal Accident.

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I think if you read the original post, particularly the first line,
as follows, it will answer your original question. He probably missed
either train No. 16 as it was the evening train, and stopped at Glade
Spring. No. 42 did not stop at Glade.

Ken Miller

Roanoke Times - April 23, 1907


Bristol, Va., April 22, -- George Kelly, nineteen years old, a
student at Emory and Henry College, was killed Saturday night near
Emory in an attempt to board a freight train going toward his home at
Glade Spring.
Young Kelly had missed the passenger train, and waited for the
freight. He went to the heavy grade near Dr. Bowyer's home, and when
the train came, running at an unusually fast rate of speed, he
attempted to board a car, but was thrown under it. The back of his
head struck the end of a cross tie with tremendous force.
Other students who saw him fall rushed to his assistance when the
train passed and found him dying. He lived only nine minutes after
the accident, and did not speak before his death.
The young man was a member of the freshmen class and had the
reputation of being a good student. He was a member of a well known
family at Glade Spring.
The body was taken to the home of Dr. Bowyer, at Emory, Saturday
night, and later carried to the Byars where it remained until
yesterday when it was taken to the home at Glade Spring for burial.
The sad death of young Kelly threw a gloom over the entire college.


- Roger Link

On Apr 24, 2007, at 1:50 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:

> I am sure someone will have an answer to my question, but when

> that 19

> year old college student George Kelly was killed trying to board a

> freight

> train to his home at Glade Spring because he missed the passenger

> train,

> exactly which passenger train did he miss? Bill Sellers.


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