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I'd forgotten how bad ballast often was in the old days. IIRC,
"crushed rock" ballast was seen only on first class mainline years ago.

pete groom
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I'll tell you what. If they want these 89 year old signals to last,
they better keep a good coat of paint on them. The rust will
structurally compromise them over time.

Most folks don't know or realize that this equipment (except for the
signal heads themselves) goes back to the semaphore days. The relay
cases, poles, and ladders all go back to the late 1910's and early
1920's. The upgrade to position lights was done over many years
between the late 30's through the 40's and maybe even the 50's. I
have no idea when exactly when all of them were done. I do know that
the Bristol Line was changed to PL's in 1946-47.
Here is a photo of the signal that used to be at Dublin.

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