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Nice shot of the Dublin, Va. station, too. It's still there, privately
owned and available to lease, though the platform canopy and signals are

J. Kelling

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I'll tell you what. If they want these 89 year old signals to last,
they better keep a good coat of paint on them. The rust will
structurally compromise them over time.

Most folks don't know or realize that this equipment (except for the
signal heads themselves) goes back to the semaphore days. The relay
cases, poles, and ladders all go back to the late 1910's and early
1920's. The upgrade to position lights was done over many years between
the late 30's through the 40's and maybe even the 50's. I have no idea
when exactly when all of them were done. I do know that the Bristol
Line was changed to PL's in 1946-47.
Here is a photo of the signal that used to be at Dublin.

This signal's pole bracket has been moved to Wysor. Here's a photo
of it taken in February.
The signal was moved sometime before the 40's, and converted to PL in
1947. Colored in the early sixties. This signal was known in the N&W
days as East End Wysor. In keeping with Southern practice, is has been
renamed. The old West End Wysor is now known as Newbern.

I don't believe that most, if any of the folks that maintain this
equipment now, even know how OLD that equipment really is. Note how
rusty this signal was in the photo. The ones around Marion here were
just as bad.

The N&W was real good about keeping them painted through this area.
The black on these signals hasn't been repainted (except the target
background) since the N&W days. NS did paint the silver last in 1991.
I have the pictures to prove it. Hopefully they'll get a good coat of
black paint on the rest of them and they should last for many more

Ben Blevins

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Paid the Columbus District a visit this weekend and the many of
remaining CPL have been repainted on the line too - both silver and
black. They look great!
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