1907 - Passenger Train Wrecked

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Roanoke Times - March 22, 1907

No. 6 in Collision, Fireman Killed, Others injured

Passenger train No. 6, which leaves Roanoke for the east at 7:15 of mornings,
was wrecked in a headon collision at Crewe yesterday at 12:25.
The wreck was caused by an open switch. No. 6 which was entering the Crewe
yard from the west entered into the switch and collided with yard engine 557.
Engine 75 on No. 6 was turned over to one side of the track and engine 557 was
also derailed and turned over. One baggage car was derailed.
As a result of the wreck Fireman T. H. Brown of No. 6 was killed, being cauth
beneath the wreck.
Engineer J. H. Pond, of No. 6, had a leg broken and sustained other injuries,
the nature of which could not be ascertained. Engineer Cheatham, of 557 was
considerably injured, as well as a brakeman riding on the front of the yard
engine. As far aw could be learned no passengers were injured.
The switchman confessed to having left the switch opeen and he immediately
The following message from Richmond was later received:
Richmond, VA., March 21 -- Fast train No. 6 on the Norfolk & Western ran into
an open switch at Crewe shortly before noon today, killing Fireman T. H. Brown
and perhaps fatally injuring Engineer J.K. Pond, both of Crewe. A number of
other persons were slightly hurt. The train was badly wrecked and traffic was
delayed for several hours.

Transcribed from scans by Ron Davis.

- Roger Link

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