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Consolidation of Tidewater and Deepwater as the Virginia Ry. Co.

Richmond, Va., March 8 - What is regarded as having the probabilities
of a great railway deal was consummated here today when "The Virginia
Railway Company" was chartered by the state corporation commission.
The new company is a consolidation of the Tidewater Railway, lying in
Virginia, with the Deepwater Railway, lying wholly in West Virginia,
the two roads meeting at the line between the states mentioned and
traversing rich coal regions. The $100,000 capital of the Tidewater
Company, which has built and controlled the Deepwater line, is
increased to $33,500,000 for the Virginia Company. It is understood
that the combination is practically the property of H.H. Rogers, of
New York, the Standard Oil magnate, and that it means a continuous
and most important line in the near future from Norfolk to the great lakes.


Of course we can see that the reporters of the day got the name
wrong...at first! In tomorrow's more extensive story we'll see that
they finally get the name right.

Happy 100th birthday to the Virginian Railway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Davis

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