Negatives 16434 AND 19155

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Wed Nov 29 21:58:00 EST 2006

Further to the October discussion re Negative 16434, I happened to run
across the the photo in the Va Tech imagebase collection, where it is
filed as NS5144, and described as taken 22 March 1932 "for the May (N&W)
Magazine cover," as earlier reported in the e-exchanges. At variance
as to e-list guesses relative to the venue, the accompanying data to
NS5144 say that the shot is "fireman receiving orders at Bonsack." I do
not recall Bonsack mentioned in the e-exchanges. We all know that
information accompanying the VA Tech photos can, at times, be off the
mark. So I have no brief as to the accuracy of the Bonsack citation.
For truth's sake or not, there it is as recorded.

Companion teaser. Again in the VA Tech collection, NS3899 (Negative
19155) another night shot, aside a locomotive taken 21 February 1934,
offers no word as to the venue, save "near Vinton". There are two
lights, trackside, in the darkness up ahead. Could the light on the
right, southside of the track (assuming the photo's orientation toward
the east) be the Boaz shanty, with the light on the left, seemingly more
powerful and centered on the track, an oncoming westbound train?

Jim Nichols or anyone: Can you identify the engine class?

The holiday seasons upon us are the more wondrous because several
traditions rely upon lamps and a star. In your imaginings may 3899's
points of light add luster to your holidays.

Frank Gibson

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