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Wed Nov 22 11:13:06 EST 2006

The "replacement" station at Lamberts Point is on railroad
property and is mostly unaccessible. The NS special agents
work out of that building and they are not friendly toward
sightseers. They have an ongoing program of ticketing

But - you can still see the Lamberts Point station and some
of the yard activity from the park located off of Hampton
Blvd. Drive down Hampton Blvd. (in Norfolk!) and look for
the traffic light on the South side of the railroad
underpass (closest to the Midtown tunnel). Turn West at the
light, park at the park and walk toward the soccer field.
There is parking closer to the field, but you are on your
own to find it. It is at the end of Amistead Bridge road.

While you are here, visit the N&W equipment display in
Portsmouth. From I 264 (downtown tunnel) follow the signs
for Crawford Parkway. There is caboose 518666, two mail
storage cars, and a diner.

Happy railfanning.
Jerry Kay, Portsmouth, VA

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