Icing Stations on the N&W

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First - I suspect that by 1966 the need to ice a refrigerator was rather
The mechanical refrigerators had replaced the reefers with ice bunkers. The
last iced reefers I remember seeing were on Clinchfield No. 92 in 1963.
were owned by meat packers. No. 92 on the Clinchfield, by the way, was

Second - you asked about icing on the N&W. From SAL's perishable schedules
for 1961-62, I note that their primary perishable train - No. 86 (a.k.a.
"The Fox")
would only handle cars NOT needing ice between Baldwin and Potomac Yard.
No. 86 left Baldwin, FL at 10:10 AM (Tues. for example) and the N&W cars
set off at Secoast at 11:00 AM (Wednesday) to be picked up at 11:30 AM by
No. 77. A car for Columbus was slated to arrive at 8:30 AM on Thursday. It
looks like N&W didn't get an opportunity to ice them either.

Third - I'm not sure N&W shouldered all the responsibility. Fruit Growers
may have had a hand in securing ice and servicing the cars. Ben Tyler, a
former VGN official, oversaw FGE's operations in Norfolk. During potato
he regularly got a morning report that showed the situation of the
cars - on hand, available, in transit, etc.

Harry Bundy
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