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A "call-on" signal means talk tummy (talk to me). Before radio, it was
possible for a dispatcher to convene a telephone conversation with a train
by flipping the "CO" button on a traffic control machine. At the selected
bungalow, a white light would illuminate and that was the signal for the
train crew to pick up the phone. My portion of the Radford Division TC
has been modified many times. The levers to activate the "call-on" signals
are marked "Call on" - "CO' , and "DLCO' and they're located at each power
operated crossover.

In ABS territory, it's different. The dispatcher communicates via
operators. A
train approaching a STOP signal might well find a "call-on" indication
It means don't just sit there, the operator needs to talk to you.

Yes, Gary, the "31" order does restrict the rights of a superior trains, but
conductor did not always stop and sign it on the old NS. In many instances,
the dispatcher would authorize the operator to sign the conductor's name and
hand the order up on the fly. It worked pretty good . . . . .most of the

Harry Bundy

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