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Sat Sep 16 12:46:12 EDT 2006

>Why did N&W put that rectangle on every car it would fit on (box, stock,

>hopper, and gon, but not flats)?


>David Thompson

>From the Andrew Dow book..

"large white rectangle, for easy identification from a distance, denoting
dedicated company service"

This would suggest that there were cars that didn't have the rectangle
during the same period, but given the era (i.e, no per diem), I'd say they
were the exception and not the rule... I haven't seen a flat photo from
that period, but they may also have a small rectanbgle, or may not becuase
of space considerations.

And just for info, the NS rebuilt hoppers that have a large white rectangle
denoted they were equipped with and testing transponders (something every
car has today)

Robb Fisher

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