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>I just recently read that the last order of A's had roller bearing side

>rods. Had steam lasted longer would the older A's have been refitted with

>roller bearing rods?

It's doubtful.

Did the roller bearing roads improve performance and/or reliability?

Reliability and ease of servicing, yes; performance only marginally, because
of the difference in the frictional resistance of the main and side rods.
The last five A's (1238-1242) were maintained at Shaffers Crossing where
they were the preferred As for heavy passenger movements, circus and troop
trains, etc. When not in that service they were in the general pool with
the other As. A 1239 was used in the 1952 tests on the Scioto Division
after the F7 diesel was tested there. See Volume 3 of Louis Newton's RAILS


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