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Operations around Lynchburg changed considerably after the Virginian merger
in 1959.

Great to hear from you, and I will contact you offline to get more
information from you.

Bud Jeffries

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After steam, the Phoebe Turn (or what was called the Phoebe Turn) continued
to operate at least into the early/mid 1960's. I recall that a westbound
hopper train would go west through Lynchburg on the old main line soon after
No. 26 went east. This train was referred to as the Phoebe Turn. It was one
of the few, if not the only, through freight to use the old main line in
that era.

Ray Smoot

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Jimmy, thanks for correcting my oversight.

>From my source, in December 1957 the Phoebe Turn left Roanoke at 5PM and

went to Kinney and then Phoebe to follow the old main to Island. It was not
listed in the operating timetables, but was listed in the "Freight Time
Tables" of the Freight Traffic Department as the "Phoebe Turn" without a
train number. It came back to Roanoke as Time Freight 87 from Island along
the old main line to Forest.


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> "This was probably Time Freight 85 [I

> believe this is correct] east out of Roanoke to Lynchburg and return as a

> double header. I am told that No. 85 was one the heaviest trains east out

> of

> Roanoke "


> Bud,

> #85 would have been a westbound time frieght, not a "Phoebe Turn".

> Jimmy Lisle

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