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I had heard it referred to as "Nights and Weekends."

Jim Brewer
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Narrow & Weedy does not sound like a very good (even if affectionate) description of the N&W. The right-of-way has always looked to me to be high, wide, and weed free! An engineer friend of mine started calling the N&W "Nights & Weekends"! referring, of course, to when the trains run. Now that's a description I can agree with!

Jerry Kay, Portsmouth, Va.

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Chuck Speicher writes...

Greetings from Dry Branch on the former Narrow and Weedy ( still narrow and somewhat weedy) .

Can't help you with he switch lock issue, Chuck, but I do lime your figure of speech.

Fifty years ago, I heard the term "Narrow & Weedy," and the person who used that term in speaking told me that Race Horse Smith occasionally referred to his railroad in such fashion.

Have any other Listers heard the term "Narrow & Weedy" and raised the question of its history?

BTW, it's good to hear from Dry Branch. You guys still watering the eastbounds there, Chuck...?

-- abramoslav


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