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A. B.
Regarding the obvious question -- the east enders (Crewe-Lamberts Point)
have a tale about an engineer blowing No. 26 across the Dismal Swamp.
At the east end of the swamp, Deep Creek Blvd. was a protected crossing.
The driver of an automobile failed to heed the warnings of the whistle and
the wig-wag and got clobbered crossing the tracks.

After the remnants of the automobile and driver had been removed, the
state highway patrol officer began filling out forms. He came to the
engineer and eventually came the obvious - SPEED ? The engineer
responded that he didn't know. The officer wasn't riled, nor did he
ask "You don't KNOW ?" Apparently he realized that the event had
traumatized the hogger and decided not to pursue it. After all, it was a
case of ignoring the signal and the driver was just as dead at a train speed
of 60 MPH as he would have been had the train been making 70 MPH.

Returning to the Class J, the fireman looked quizzically at the engineer.
The engineer responded, "It (the speed indicator arrow) was sitting of the

Harry Bundy
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