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Wed Sep 6 17:30:05 EDT 2006

Stopped by Cass, West Virginia on Labor Day to take a few photos. Got
to chatting with the Runner and casually asked "May I take a cab ride
with you?"

"Sure" he replied, "hop on board".

See the trip.

Later I was talking with the young Park Superintendent. Says he, "We do
not advertise the activity, but it is up to the engineers as to whether
to grant the privledge or not. Some cabs are too cramped, somedays the
rails are not with us, and somedays the locos can be cranky. Thus if
the engineer does not think it prudent he will deny the request."

I rode in the cab to Whitacker and thought that that was far enough.
Engine was the big Western Maryland Shay number 6. Crewmen were very
focused to the task at hand and there was minimal conversation between
them and myself, though they did answer my questions.

At the end of the trip a very delighted wife was as happy as can be for
her equally happy little boy husband. (She rode in the cars the whole
trip, there really is only room for one person in the cab as the deck is
filled with coal.) By the way, we did purchase 2 tickets.

Yeah, this little kid loved it!

Tom Salmon

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