Who Was This Passenger Conductor?

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Fri Aug 11 22:56:58 EDT 2006

Isn't it an absolute crying shame that the names of the men posed in the classic photographs have been lost? And the photographs weren't made all that many years ago.

Too bad I didn't have this picture 25 years ago. Cecil Waugaman and George Arthur Eanes surely could have identified him. They knew everyone who railroaded in and out of Roanoke since the 1920s.

This photo was #13 in the AAR set of photographs distributed for publicity purposes. It's titled "The Conductor Signals 'All Aboard.' " Taken at Roanoke, no doubt. Probably standing alongside Track 1 or Track 2.

I'm sending it to the list hoping someone will say, "Hey, that's my Granddad!"

-- abram burnett
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