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Good question but history has changed all the opns everywhere. The units I
have seen were all NS. Harry just cleared up some of the traffic changes
I've noticed with what I assume is an easier grade to escape the deep valley
with the necessary climb to get south out of Norton, VA to Kingsport, TN.
trackage rights over CSX thru St Paul, VA. Which by the way I was thru in
Jan '06 for the first time in 40 years. I was following the CSX from Elkhorn
City, KY south on a sunny Saturday afternoon headed for FL. My grandfather
was the "blasting foreman" during the 1910 circa of construction of the
BREAKS IN the MOUNTAIN line for CC&O. And if you want to see a real eastern
mountain line just follow what I did. It is awesome. Even sit on the
riverbank with some good ole boys listening to the white water and the
sounds of a CSX unit movement with a dual head end of 2 GEs and pushers of 2
GEs on their way to Irvine via St Paul. Just "listening to the banjos",

Oakie G Ford

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> >Also, why is no one talking about the remote opns from Norton, VA thru


> >natural tunnel and up the devilish grade beyond Duffel into Tennessee.

> >

> >Oakie G Ford




> Wouldn't that be on the Southern Mailing List :P


> Have fun

> Robb Fisher



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