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I believe that some of the iron ore railways in northwestern
Australia routinely run 35,000+ ton trains, undoubtedly with
distributed power. No tunnels except, perhaps, at the loading and
unloading sites.

pete groom

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> It is my understanding that only the Shenandoah train was run using

> remote control (Locotrol), and that it was a poor experience. I

> did not think the N&W used remotes on the record breaking trains...

> Take care

> Robb Fisher

Robb, I will beg to differ, according to the Norfolk and Western
Magazine, issue of November 20, 1967, pages 368 and 369. Yes, Jimmy,
hit an extra key on the tonnage of the Shenandoah Division train,
should have been 18,000 ton train.

The two articles read as follows, paying particular attention to
paragraphs 2 and 3

N&W Moves Longest and Heaviest Train
The longest and heaviest freight train ever before operated by an
American railroad-450 loaded coal cars-was moved October 25 by the
Norfolk and Western Railway between Iaeger and Williamson, W. Va.
(Picture on front cover.) Weight of the train, including the
locomotives, was 44,475 tons. It was a approximately three and one
half males long.
. . .

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