Locomotive Tonnage/long trains

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I think I remember one or two 190 car empties trains on the East End
of the VGN in the early 1950s, pulled by single AGs. Not so much
tonnage, but long! (Maybe not so long by todays standards, since 34'
hoppers predominated, but there were frequently long sets of GSs that
made up for the short 50 tonners.) I think the conventional wisdom
of the time was that 150 was the design maximum for the brakes of the

BTW, I suspect that the 189 car train was 18,900 tons.


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In response to Chuck's question about tonnage ratings, this might be
a partial answer.
. . .
. In the same magazine, on the facing page is a story about running
remote controlled long heavy coal trains of up to 189 car, 189,000
ton train on the Shenandoah Division.

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