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On Train 2, the northbound from Roanoke to Hagerstown, MD, there was a through sleeper to New York. I've also seen mention in public timetables that there was coach service to Harrisburg. So it seems very likely that the entire train could have been handed over to PRR at Hagerstown, with the reverse move becoming N&W Train 1 southbound.

Anyone know more about this?

Jim Brewer
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I seem to remember (as a young boy in the late 40's) that in Hagerstown, MD,
arriving N&W trains would remove the engine, connect a Pennsy engine & pull
most of the cars north.

The converse was true - Pennsy engines would disconnect from southbound trains & N&W engines would connect & head south.

Someone may know exactly which trains & which cars were "pulled-thru" but in an earlier time this is my 55 years ago memory.

Also, a big thank you to Tom Cosgrove, Jim Brewer & Phil Miller for providing information about scanner frequencies.

Terry Marshall
Hagerstown, MD


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