Long trains rollin'

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Mr Stewart,

I was doing the piggyback local work for N&W and Armco Steel and had known most everyone working at the Ironton yard since I was very young. Road my bike daily over to the "TWO" yards to check out both the N&W and the DT&I opns each evening. Normally would wait to see 78 storm eastbound and track the different freight moving by the type, road, etc.. of the cars. I consider this as second, next to chasing girls. I learned to read with road maps so tracking far away origins and destinations as fitting for checking out the rest of the unknown world. Got the pleasure of pushing the evening turn around for the DT&I on their turntable, big stuff at 8-9 years old.

Oakie G Ford

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That must've been something to see. How did you know it was coming? Did N&W announce that they were going to try this beforehand or did word spread up the line preceeding the train?

Chuck Stewart

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I was there, but don't recall the date, just a hot summer day.. Alongside
the double main at Coal Grove, OH. It was something else, 500 loads of WV
coal with ( I recall) 3 sets of power, front, midtrain and rear. I timed it
and it took 13 minutes and 33 seconds to clear the Ford Brothers (trucking)
crossing. What they did with it after arriving in Portsmouth, OH yard I
don't remember. On thing, they didn't try it again.

Oakie G. Ford


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