Long trains rollin'

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I was there, but don't recall the date, just a hot summer day.. Alongside
the double main at Coal Grove, OH. It was something else, 500 loads of WV
coal with ( I recall) 3 sets of power, front, midtrain and rear. I timed it
and it took 13 minutes and 33 seconds to clear the Ford Brothers (trucking)
crossing. What they did with it after arriving in Portsmouth, OH yard I
don't remember. On thing, they didn't try it again.

Oakie G. Ford

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> August 4, 2006


> So, Harry, who set the tonnage ratings to begin with?

> Was the methodology used strictly engineering-derived,

> or did it follow the operating department's approach:

> add-cars-until-the-traction-motors-smoke-or-a-knuckle-busts?

> I recall a 1960s Railway Age that proclaimed how the

> N&W had operated an unbelievably long train --perhaps

> 3-1/2 miles? Does anyone else recall that event?


> Good afternoon,


> Frank Scheer

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> About 15 years ago, the Vice President-Mechanical had

> to complete a study on how the department's assets

> were used. He elected to show the horsepower per ton

> assigned to 1- TOFC trains 2- Merchandise

> trains 3- Hopper trains, 4- locals, and 5- coal

> trains. In developing this statistic, it became

> apparent that Bluefield and Roanoke were regularly

> dispatching coal trains as much as 1800 tons over the

> tonnage rating. Bear in mind that both Bluefield and

> Roanoke knew the tonnage being dispatched, but

> apparently ignored the instructions in the timetable.

> It was brought to the attention of the Operating

> Dept. Within a year, the Operating Department

> arbitrarily raised the tonnage ratings by 10%.


> Harry Bundy






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