N&W icons: the singularly N&W 440-volt line on top of mainline lineside poles & "early" ALCo freight shot

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My Dad, who was The Virginian Railway's last Supervisor of Telegraph & Signals, told me this extra wire on the N&W's pole line above all the other numerous lines and crossarms was the perch upon which rested a special N&W-only 440-volt line....However, the purpose for this line is lost to my usually pretty good memory....perhaps a special code line to power the CTC machines but I am just not sure of that....Surely a retired N&W signalman on or close to this "mailing list" will able to straighten all out all of this for all of us. Of course, even this true "N&W icon" is gradually being lost to microwave systems and joining the Ys, As, Js, etc., IN THE PAST....Lloyd D. Lewis....
P.S. Did we decide where the "early diesel days" (late 1950s or 1960s?) three?-unit ALCo diesel freight shot from about two weeks ago was taken?....Could it either be on the Clinch Valley Line somewhere or an early post-merger train on the former VGN west of Roanoke?? I write this because of the higher elevations (mountains or hills, Your choice) in the background and the apparently single? track....Lloyd.......

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The one item synonomus to the N&W even to this day is the simple angle arm atop the communications poles I presume to hold the lightning arrestor wire. This simple item has out lasted the steam age and has always been as long as I can remember unique to N&W . When traveling I always knew we were near home rails upon seeing these little crooked angles. Does anyone know the beginnings of or the idea of these that has lasted so long? Ron Hash

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