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Hopetown was just above Chillicothe maybe a 1/2 mile w/b of the N&W/C&O
Northern overpass. Hopetown was a stop used in the summertime for
revival meetings. Was there a temporary operator there for passenger
trains stops during the revival season? Can't say.

In this area, the revival 'camps' had stops on the Scioto Valley
Traction line nearby. The Hocking Valley/C&O had a similar stop, but
with a permanent station, over by Lancaster Ohio.

Gary Rolih

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There is no listing at all for Hopetown in the any of my lists, on up
through the 1950s

Telegraphic calls were occasionally repeated on different divisions,
such as W was used for Wytheville on the Bristol Line, and
Willardsville on the Durham District and Hanging Rock, Ohio on the
Scioto Division. Even stranger on the Scioto Division, WI was used at
the same time for both Idlewild on the Cincinnati District, and
Wilsondale on the 12 Pole line.

RS was used for Richlands on the Clinch Valley District.

I don't believe that the name of the location had a specific plan of a
telegraphic call, since stations came and went with time, some of the
earliest stations had single letter calls, such as Lynchburg as X, Q
for Abingdon, etc.

Others like FM for Falls Mills makes sense, but BX for Christiansburg
and any large number of others does not. Wouldn't WS be the expected
call for Winston Salem, NC? Apparently not, as north on the Shenandoah
Division was WS, used at Nace. Probably the most unusual would be
calling the agent at Alnwick with the call VD?

It would be nice to know some of the thoughts about calls, and how they
were assigned, I am sure there is some form of logic. Perhaps some were
made up simply because they would be easier to send and not easily
confused to other operators, I really do not know.

Hope this helps

Ken Miller
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> Question for Ken Miller on a few more station calls,



> Was there a call for Hopetown Oh. on the Columbus Dist.?


> Also what other calls were used for D and RS in the Scioto Div.? I

> know

> Rarden was D then changed to RA, and RS was Idelwild then changed to


> and assuming when the N&W taken over the CP&V they were changed to

> prevent conflict on the Scioto Valley line station calls of the same.

> Perhaps D was for Dean Wv.? RS for Rowe Siding on the Wolf Creek


> in Wv.?


> The other calls I seen were obvious of change like RN for Wichester


> Columbus Union depot was RN.


> Thanks,


> Terry Mefford

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