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I'm afraid it is. After the pole line was turned off in 1997 I guess NS cut the maintainence budget, and they let alot grow up. In fact, when the contractor tried to cut out the pole line, there were a few places where they couldn't even get to it to cut it out, like from Seven Mile Ford to the the west end of McMullin, where I live. Of course, the contractor was fired before the job was completed, so it is still standing in some places.

I believe the Bristol line is suffering from a significant lack of manpower. For instance, in Roanoke, the old US&S block signals look to be in good shape, and have fairly recent coats of paint on them. But on the Bristol line, the signals are so rusty that some of them show almost no color left anymore, except on the target face itself, which received a coat of paint ten years ago. I guess the Bristol line is "out of sight, out of mind."

When I cleared the property between myself and NS' right of way, I had to use a chainsaw and an industrial weedeater with a saw blade on it. I have it looking the way I remember it in years past. I've been trying to convince my neighboring land owners to follow suit, and keep it looking nice. I guess its up to us now.

Ben Blevins

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Gee... That engine looks like it's hauling a train through the jungle.

Is that how badly the Bristol Line is overgrown with vegitation these days?

-- abram burnett
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