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In my basement I have a 1908 Brown & Sharpe Milling Machine that will
soon celebrate its 100th birthday. When it was installed at a new
Chicago Technical High School in 1908, the whole class room was run by
Line-Shaft from one electric motor. In 1935, they built a new larger
(4000+ student) building further to the northwest in the city. Rather
than replace all the machinery, the Bd of Ed ordered special units from
the Cullman Wheel Co. These units were mounted right on top of the
mill. It consisted of an electric motor driving a step pulley and the
leather belt to the machine, You move a lever to put the belt in
tension. These type of units were a common Line-Shaft replacement on
many machines in the 20's and 30's. Since I moved the mill out of the
school in the late 70's, it has worked great for many of my projects.

I have some photos of this mill and the old classroom posted on the
Yahoo Brown & Sharpe site.

Ron Peisker

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