Chilhowie NS/Truck Collision

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Hey Chuck! Were you working the Bristol line local back in the early 1990's?

Ben Blevins

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We are using Outlook Express with dial-up. We do not have the option of previewing mail before it is downloaded for us to see. This in turn clogs up the entire mail program for us. Please don't send pictures with the posts but link them to another page where we have the option to look at the pictures.

The subject and pictures should be on a railfan NS mailing list, not this list that mainly deals with historic and contemporary items of the N&W and VGN railroads.

Being a 30 + year employee of the old N&W and now with Amtrak I see idiots everyday that try to kill themselves and their families by making stupid decisions when crossing or walking near the railroad.

Chuck Akers
Locomotive Engineer
N&W - Radford Division
Amtrak - Richmond, VA

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Yeah, but you don't have the option of not downloading them.
That's a great deal different than not opening them!
Tom Cosgrove

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Let's be fair to Jerry. This is an exact quote from his first e-mail:

"I took several pictures of the collision that I am going to send, but in deference to those with dial up, I am going to send them in separate emails. These photos are not 56k friendly, so you have the option of opening them up if you choose." (emphasis mine)

I read my e-mail in reverse order, latest first, and I suspect that may be what "bit" some folks. But, Jerry did alert us.

Dave Phelps
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