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Abram - remember Leas and McVitty in Salem - the meat processors? At one time they shipped tankage in gons - even viler than your stinking stuff. I knew a brakeman who was going over the tops of a cut in Roanoke Yard and jumped off the top of a hopper into what he thought was a gon loaded with sand.


The crew had to hose him off before anybody'd let him get close to them.


But it was a huge mud slick of that putrid-smelling ooze. Both feet went out from under me and I took a painful landing directly on my derriere with a concussion sufficient to turn one's backbone into shards and fragments. I have never seen so many stars in my life. Then I discovered that the viscous mud had me virtually glued to the ground. Fortunately we were on the way home, as I don't think I could have endured working an entire tour of duty coverd with that vile, stinking stuff !

-- abram burnett


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