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>Does anyone know why N&W began to acquire covered hoppers? A lot were

>built in Roanoke Shops by N&W itself.

Here's a starter list for you.

David Thompson

HC: 1460cf; 70200-70209; Roanoke,1935 (re#ed 70290-70299 1941)

HC1: 1973cf; 70210-70219; Roanoke,1937 (PRR H30 clone)

HC2: 1973cf; 70160-70209; Roanoke,1942

HC3: 3028cf; 70220-70254; Roanoke,1939
HC3: 3028cf; 70255-70284; Roanoke,1941

HC3a: 3028cf; 70800-70899; Roanoke,1947
HC3a: 3028cf; 70900-70999; GRV,1949

HC4: 2022cf; 70700-70799; Roanoke,1946

HC5: 1958cf; 71000-71149; GRV,1953

HC6: 2893cf; 71150-71199; PS,1955
HC6: 2893cf; 71250-71299; PS,1956

HC7: 2003cf; 71200-71249; PS,1956
HC7: 2003cf; 71300-71349; PS,1957

HC8: 2006cf; 71350-71399; ACF,1958
HC8: 2006cf; 71400-71425; ACF,1959

HC9: 2003cf; 71426-71475; GRV,1960

HC10: 3200cf; 71500-71549; ACF,1960

HC11: 3770cf; 71900-71969; Princeton,1960-1 (for coal char; to have been
N&W H34 76930-76999)

HC12: 2600cf; 71690-71699; GAT,1961
HC12: 2600cf; 71680-71689; GAT,?
HC12: 2600cf; 71678-71679; GAT,?
HC12a: 2600cf; 71663-71677; GAT,?
HC12: 2600cf; 71653-71662; GAT,1964
HC12a: 2600cf; 71600-71649; GAT,?

HC13: 3215cf; 71550-71599; PS,1961

HC14: 2655cf; 71800-71849; Magor,1963 (aluminum)

HC15: 3960cf; 71850-71899; ACF,1963

HC16: 5200cf; 71700-71749; Ortner,1964

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