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Cool. Another one saved. So now... are we going to organize a group to paint
and pretty it? It looks good but could use some paint!
BTW Stu Shenk shared with me some interesting stories about the Galax New
River Trail caboose. It was an ACY unit that, while not painted and numbered
as 557069, actually was never painted for the N&W in its real life. And it
sits on trucks from non-matching railroads... AND even more entertaining..
as they spent hour upon hour trying to get it to sit level on the section of
track there in Galax, they never could get it to sit level... one end of the
cab sat higher. It was then they took measurements of the wheels and
realized one truck had 36" wheels, the other apparently 33" wheels as they
were NOT the same size. Funny how things like that happen....

Bob Welsh
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> In Bristol this morning, caboose 555644 was successfully lifted off the NS

> track in Scott Street and, in two moves, placed on the awaiting private

> rails for display by the owner, Bart Long.


> Mike Pierry, Jr.



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