Punkin Vine Signals

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Fri Mar 17 08:41:10 EST 2006

Attention all N&W signal followers,

As I made my triumphant return to the N&W side at Payne, Virginia, the first thing I noticed was a long string of new signals silently standing, looming, waiting.

As I worked the tracks this week from Pine Hall to Madison, I noticed that signal crews have been diligently burying cable underground, and setting concrete stands at control points. soooo...

I talked with the local signal maintainers and they informed me that the new signals will be going up soon with a cutover date schedule for July.

So don't dilleydalley, if you've been plannig on shooting these signals, do it soon, because before long the blooms will fade away on our beloved punkin vine.

Gary Price
NS Machine Operator
Marion, VA

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