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Tue Mar 14 18:12:46 EST 2006

Hi all -

The city of Burlington, NC has 2 N&W cabooses, and I am restoring one
of them to be a museum on display at the downtown depot. They are
looking for someone to take the other caboose for free. Of course,
anyone who wants it will need to pay to have it moved. It is #518562
C31P built in 1969. It has had the interior completely gutted (the
city was going to make a birthday party rental out of it but
encountered difficulties and abandoned the plan). I do have some
extras (seats, railings, etc.) that could be used in restoring the
interior. It is in reasonably good shape otherwise. The city would
like to give it to an organization, museum, municipality, or an
individual who would restore and display it. However, time is very
short, so I feel they would consider any offers. Please call me
(336-228-1350) ASAP if you have questions about the caboose itself
(condition, history, weight, etc.). If you or someone you know has
serious interest or have questions about the acquisition of it
(logistics, time frame, etc.), you need to call immediately: Bill Ray
(City of Burlington) at 336-222-5010 before Thursday at 11:00 am EST.
Hope someone out there can make a good home for a good N&W caboose!
I'm having a grand time with the other Burlington caboose ! I'll post
some pictures as I work on it.

Ann Hobgood

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