N&W sightseeing along the Shenandoah Division

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I'd have to agree with "B--", whoever he/she is, that it is certainly worth the effort to visit Natural Bridge, Glasgow/Balcony Falls, Buena Vista, Buchanan, etc. As was mentioned, some of these spots are not the easiest to find and the DeLorme Virginia Map Book is invaluable.

It all just depends on how much time one wants to spend, or has the time to spend, exploring the Valley.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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Probably no one knows the N&W in general and the Shenandoah in particular better than Mason Cooper and Jim Brewer. But I found one of the prettiest spots (in my opinion) along that line between Buchanan and Balcony Falls (Glasgow) along the James River. As many of you may already know, the old C&O follows the James River all the way from Newport News to Clifton Forge. The N&W (going north from Roanoke) also uses the James River, on the south side, from Buchanan to Balcony Falls, where it then crosses the river and the C&O tracks to head north up the valley. There used to be significant interchange @ Glasgow, but not much now. You'll need a good atlas, like the DeLorme one, to follow the country roads, but I found it well worth the effort. Natural Bridge is very near Glasgow, and the scenery is spectacular. During summer, it's hard to follow both the N&W and the C&O together because of the foliage...have to choose one side of the river or the other...but the natural beauty is remarkable. I also caught 2 or 3 trains there in an hour or so one Saturday afternoon. My 2c worth.



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