N&W sightseeing along the Shenandoah Division

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"Probably no one knows the N&W in general and the Shenandoah in particular
better than Mason Cooper and Jim Brewer."

Please excuse me, but I'll challenge that:)

"The N&W (going north from Roanoke) also uses the James River, on the south
side, from Buchanan to Balcony Falls"

Actually the N&W crosses the C&O at Natural Bridge Station. Balcony Falls is
the C&O station more or less in downtown Glasgow.

"During summer, it's hard to follow both the N&W and the C&O together
because of the foliage...have to choose one side of the river or the other"

If you are on the N&W side of the river you must have been walking or in a

"...but the natural beauty is remarkable."

You are exactly right about that!
Jimmy Lisle

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