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Mon Feb 27 21:47:26 EST 2006

I'm surprised I haven't seen more about our recent ARROW Magazines.
The Roanoke station development was excellent. It is amazing the
politics and other factors a city goes through during growth spurts.
Thanks Ron!

Russ Goodwin's excellent article (latest issue) on the venerable
SD40-2s is very good. It is loaded with excellent modeling/ technical
information to help you get past the off the shelf Athearn kit. Russ,
if you need a color shot of 6175 let me know. Harry's excellent
article on alphabets was great too. It help shed some light on a copy
of a conductors log book recently gotten from Aubrey Wiley.
And to all the regular contributors, our beloved Editor 'Greev',
King, Hamilton, McClure, Salmon(s) and anyone I've missed, great job! THANKS!
Let us hear about an article you have enjoyed.
Charlie Long

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