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IIRC, Herron Rail Video's Pocahontas Glory tape, one of 'em, has footage of the Abingdon Branch in color. JMJ's Vintage Rails Vol. 7, I believe, has a fair amount of B&W footage of the branch, including, I think, a snippet of Taylors Valley. I'll try to check in the next day or so.
A commercial photog in Abingdon once loaned me a beautiful Kodachrome slide of the depot there at Taylors valley as the mixed pulled in on opening day of trout season, 1948; it made a beautiful print.

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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Does anyone know which video/DVD might have film taken on the Virginia Creeper as described below?

"I hope you can help me. My mother was born and
raised in Taylors Valley, VA which is between
Abingdon, VA and West Jefferson, NC. The Virginia
Creeper (originally the Virginia-Carolina Railroad
before N&W took it over) ran this line years ago.
Anyway, I have an aunt that told me that she had seen
a video on RFD TV about the Virginia Creeper and this
video had film clips from Taylors Valley & the old
depot and there were people that she remembered from
her younger days."

If so please reply to the mailing list or directly to Gary Rolih on rolih at there are a lot of tapes out there and I am not familiar with this one. Or I just forgot which one!

Thanks people.

Gary Rolih
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