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I must agree with you regarding the Pocahontas route, its brilliant.

I could not get the original 8 files to work, but your self installer file
worked like a dream.

Are you going to do the same with the Clinch Valley? (And Kingsport). As
when I tried to load the four files

For the former I got the same error message.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Thanks again for your good work.



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Microsoft’s train simulator is a quirky piece of software at best, but is
basically all we got, until something better comes along, witch may happen
soon. I help Austin Yoder with his Pocahontas district, I have also started
on my route, witch from my last few postings; ya’ll can guess what it is,
The North Carolina Branch!

This is the website showcasing the route, it is VERY OUTDATED.. but it has
several good screenshots in it. You can feel free to curse me for the
unfinished state of the website, as I am the webmaster, just got so busy at
the time with other stuff.


I did recently make a new version of the Pocahontas district, it is a single
large file with a self installer, you MUST have a high-speed connection to
get the file, it is just over 200 mb But the good thing about it is, that it
SELF INSTALLS the route, no need to know ANYTHING about MSTS to make it
work, just a couple of clicks, and walla, INSTALLED!

It is available in the file library, FREELY available their.
There are several Norfolk and Western diesels in the File Library as well,
some really excellent ALCO’s come to mind right off hand, and a pleathora of
N&W cars, no passenger cars tho.

There is a plethora of high quality NS stuff in the file library,

This route truly is a beautiful piece of work, and most places are instantly

Andy Jennings

"Andy J" on the forum

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