Whither the Link and Pin ?

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Eli Janney was born in Loudoun County, VA. When Janney finally found someone to develop his invention, the owners of Eagle Gray Iron Foundry in Pittsburgh, "paid him enough to buy a farm back in Virginia", where he lived until his death in 1912.

"Ole Virginny" comes through again!

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When I worked briefly on the Shenandoah Division fourty years ago, one of the Conductors I occasionally ran with was Edward J. Janney. Ed said he was a distant relative of the inventor of the Janney coupler.

I just put Ed's name in one of the "people finder" search engines and it says that he is still living in Roanoke, at age 93.

I must remark that Ed Janney was a prince and a gentleman.

-- abram burnett


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