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That is an interesting part of history you guys, Abram and Jeff, have
cleared up! Thanks.

However, accidents still happened. Just a few years ago at the C&O (CSX)
yard here in Lynchburg, a yard man was caught between the couplers as the cars
came together. He withered and died before any help could reach him. Course
his injury was so horrible, he couldn't have lived!

In walking old logging lines in Amherst, Nelson and Rockbridge counties I
have found a link and also a pin! The line I was on, South River Lumber Company,
connected with the N&W's Shenandoah Division at Cornwall, Va. and I
understand this section closed with the chestnut blight, well in the 20th century.
Pictures of this line are in Ben Kline's book, "Wildcatting On the Mountain,"

Aubrey Wiley
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