N&W Roundhouses?

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Shaffer's crossing? I thought the only thing left of it was the turntable.

Don't forget Bristol. Its still there, but the pit has been filled in and it is no longer owned by the railroad. I think a concrete company owns it now.
Ben Blevins

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Matthew -

The "Lubritorium" in Williamson was still standing during my last visit in August 2005. Also the one in Bluefield is in operation 24 hours a day. Some of the roundhouses that I know either did exist or still do are as follows.........

Shaffer's Crossing - Roanoke, VA
Still used by NS

East End Shops - Roanoke, VA
Still used by NS

Lambert's Point - Norfolk, VA
Existed at least into the early 1970's based on photos I have seen. The turntable is still in use.

Crewe, VA
Can't say for sure, but was most likely was torn down in the late 1950's when the steam era came to a close. The old machine shop is used by NS and the water tank has N&W 611 painted on the side.

Shenandoah, VA
This was demolished as soon as steam ceased on the N&W.

Bluefield, WV
I would have to say another victim of the steam era. All the 1970's era photos I've seen of the area do not show the roundhouse standing.

Radford, VA

Jeff Hawkins
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Hello, Is the Williamson,WV roundhouse the only roundhouse standing on the N&W. When was each one toredown? Also are all the Engine Service House(Lubeatoriums) ike in Williamson,built in the late 1940's still standing? Thanks in advance,
Matthew B. Madden

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