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The following is from Wayner's "Car Names Numbers and Consists" (PRR #
followed by N&W name):
1480 ex Virginia Polytechnic Institute
1481 ex Campbell County
1482 ex Mercer County
1483 ex Franklin County
1484 ex Virginia Military Institute
1485 ex Washington and Lee University
1486 ex Randolph Macon College
1487 ex Roanoke College
1488 ex Emory and Henry College
1489 ex Scioto County
1490 ex Augusta County
1491 ex Mingo County
1492 ex Pike County
1493 ex Pulaski County
1494 ex Wythe County
1495 ex Hampden-Sydney College
1496 ex Hollins College
1497 ex Duke University
1498 ex Ohio State University
1499 ex University of Cincinnati
According to Wayner, 1480-1488 became 84 seat chair cars while 1489-1499
became 72 seat coaches with a snack bar. His Penn Central section says that the
PC 3231-3241 series was 72 seat chair-snack bar cars renumbered variously
from the PRR 1490-99 series. Hopefully someone else has a source with more
detail to fill in that part.

Dave Phelps

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I am searching for information on the N&W Budd 10 roomette - 6 DBR sleepers
that were sold to the Pennsy. and rebuilt to commuter coaches. What I am
needing is the PRR numbers (PRR 1480-1499) that were assigned to each car as
well as any PC number (if any... not all were renumbered; PC 3231-3241) so
that I might be able to identify some cars that I have found photos for on the
internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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