N&W vs. ACL

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Harry - if Mr. Dunlap had known that Mr. Bradley was in the room, do you think it would have made any difference?

Ed King
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"Dick told Ed that the N&W had never merged with the Motive Power

Gee, Dick, I wonder if Mr. Dunlap knew that Mr. Bradley was in the room ?
You see, Harvey had a brother, H. C. Bradley (a.k.a. "Speedy") that was
Roundhouse Foreman - Motive Power Dept. - Lamberts Point. Unlike
Harvey (a UVA grad as I recall), "Speedy" had graduated from the College
of Hard Knocks. He served an apprenticeship at Island Yard, Lynchburg,
then ended up in Norfolk. Mr. Dunlap's System Operation Center sent "Speedy"
all the "red-headed step children" to maintain-- RS3's, the ex-NKP RSD12's,
P&WV's H20-44's, and, of course, the sparkling ex-VGN H16-44's.

"Speedy" was on duty when N&W made a test run with the Class J to
Lynchburg. As had been past practice, when the 600 stopped at Lynchburg,
he held his hammer and took a whack at those vanadium rods. Several
people from the Motive Power Department riding the test train had to be
Harry Bundy


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