N&W Budd Pullman "Norfolk Pride"

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No N&W Budd built Pullman had the name "Norfolk Pride" or the number
#4137. The date of May 1950 doesn't make much sense either, as the Budd
Pullmans were just a few months old at that time.One wonders what it is
that you picked up at the 1976 railroad bash. Jim Nichols

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> At the big July 4, 1976 railroad bash in Roanoke, I picked up, for a

> just a few bucks, a heavy-gauge, 6" x 2 3/4" polished stamped

> stainless steel plate reading "Designed & Built for Norfolk and

> Western Railway Company by Budd."


> Taped on the back is a hand written message: "May 1950. Plate taken

> from N&W wrecked Pullman & reserved compartment car at Cumberland,

> Maryland Yard. #4137, Norfolk Pride."


> Just tonight, surmising that the paper on which the message is written

> looked like a business card, I cut the tape and pulled it off, and low

> and behold, it is the business card of one Guy Lockard, Mgr. of

> "Horseshoe Curve Inn, 110 Tenth Avenue, Juniata, Altoona, Pa.

> Souvenirs, Gifts, Novelties, Refreshments." Had I know this, I would

> have looked up old Guy, or his relics, during all the years I had

> Altoona as part of my business territory. Too late now...


> Does anyone have information on the "Norfolk Pride" and the "wreck

> damage" it sustained?


> -- abram burnett





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