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Sure enough,
N&W saved many a man-hour by not having to do door repair.
After all, limestone just didn't have the same attraction as say a
box car loaded with cigarettes.
Harry Bundy
Cigarettes. That reminds me of a story that Grandad (VGN engineer W.R. Bloyd)
used to tell about a problem the Virginian was having with merchandise cars
being broken into in which Chesterfield cigarettes were stolen. Virginian
employees were the suspected culprits. He said that the Virginian arranged with the
company that produced Chesterfields to have a special batch run with the
labels altered to spell "Chexterfield', which were then planted in a box car by
Virginian special agents. According to Grandad, several Virginian yard brakemen
were found with the incriminating "Chexterfield" cigarettes in their
possession, and were fired.

Greg Harrod
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