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Make no mistake about it -- the purple people-eaters weren't Class J's, but
they did command a lot of respect. ACL didn't exactly baby them. At the
end, they'd get catch an assignment at Wash., DC and go all the way thru
to Jacksonville at speeds of 90 MPH plus. They could put out as much black
smoke as a steam engine. ACL's maintenance ? Most had severe battle scars.
Eng 501, currently at the NC Transportation Museum, was 3rd out in 2nd 2's
consist at Maples, SC (Dillon) when the train hit a gapped switch point
90 MPH. My last night of employment on the Jacksonville Terminal (12/24/64),
I checked the inbounds before I left the mail dock. ACL had entrusted No.
The Florida Special, to the care of Eng 506 (and two other E's). This was
the same
unit that was leading No. 8, Dec. 11, 1943, when it collided with No. 91 at
Rennert, NC at a speed of 56 MPH. Twenty-one years later, it was still
out transportation.

It's subtle differences like this that make the study of railroads
interesting. Even on
the N&W there were obvious distinctions between districts and divisions. In
Roanoke, management noted that in 1959, N&W merged with VGN. In 1964,
N&W merged with P&WV, NKP, and WAB. In the not too far distant future, they
foresaw N&W merging with the Scioto Division. No offense intended, Mr.
Harry Bundy
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