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MessageI look forward to that, although I am much more partial to steam-era and that would be more useful for my layout.

Semi-unrelated question.. would the NE-6 caboose be appropriate for a 1955 layout?

Bob Welsh
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Hi all,

I will be scanning my N&W slide and B&W negative collection over the coming months with the intent of offering 2 or more CDs for sale. These will be a combination of steam, diesel, MofW, stations and cabooses, spanning the last half of the 50s to mid-80s. Freight cars will be offered separately as part of my freight car CD series. Target pricing is $18 per CD with a minimum of 100 images per issue. Over 90% of my N&W collection is color slide format, including steam.

If you have interest in this program, please contact me off-list with your comments, pros and cons.

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.


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