Fwd: New Display at the Crewe, Va. R.R. Museum

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Sat Nov 12 20:44:39 EST 2005

>While I was in Crewe this am cruising thru town railfanning there

>were about 25-40 people standing around the Crewe R.R. Museum w/a

>big crane sitting in the parking lot. To my surprise a old Switcher

>Steam locomotive w/the tender was being placed on a panel track that

>had been laid just west of the old N&W caboose. Here's some

>background I found out regarding the events. The steam locomotive

>is #606 an old small switcher freshly painted & refurbished

>w/Norfolk & Western written on the side of the tender. From what I

>was told by the locals it is not a former N&W locomotive but came

>from Goshen, Va. where it was for awhile. Prior location was at

>Covington, Va. and it dates back to Fort Eustis around WWII. It's

>been awhile since I've been to Goshen & Covington and really can't

>remember seeing a old steam locomotive. If anyone knows the

>background to this locomotive please inform us. It will be on

>permanent display at the Crewe R.R. Museum. It was a unique thing

>to look at as the tender was placed on it's axles then the old bell

>off the locomotive was placed on top. One of the trucks that

>transported it was a outfit from Goshen. Thanks for any info.


>Jeff Allgood

>Petersburg, Va.

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