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Don & Ron,

Norfolk's original zero milepost is located (and appropriately marked with historical signage) in front of the 1851 City Hall building, now the MacArthur Memorial where "The General" and his second wife Jean Faircloth now repose. This is within a few blocks of where Norfolk's Union Station once stood but I don't know whether N&W measured mileage to/from Norfolk at the terminal or the historic "zero milepost" - probably the station. Norfolk's wonderful 1912 Union Station was the passenger terminal for the VGN, N&W and NS (Norfolk & Southern.) This "grand lady of East Main Street" was demolished in 1963 and a 1994 publication called it "...the most impressive building ever constructed in Norfolk then or now." .

Albert Burckard
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There is no all-encompassing milepost zero for NS. The mileposts from the predecessor lines are used. The N&W main line from Norfolk to Columbus was numbered in miles from Norfolk. But other routes were numbered from other points of origin. The Shenandoah Division continues to be numbered in miles from Hagerstown, MD. The Winston-Salem District is numbered in miles from Roanoke.

Ron Davis

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